“Stimulating, involving, challenging”

You probably have managers in your organisation who are struggling to keep up with the latest trends in working practices. They are continuing as if nothing is changing whilst the expectations of their employees are changing rapidly.

Over the last 30 years I’ve worked with groups of managers helping them to see that the world of work is changing and their role is evolving with it. Sometimes that is a difficult message for people to swallow because it challenges their existing position of power. So, to help them understand the changes I use both my extensive knowledge and my facilitation skills to take them through a learning experience.

Like me, you probably believe that people learn and change their behaviours by being actively involved in learning activities. Hence I thoroughly enjoy running workshops, with experienced or new managers, and seeing them "getting the message". I use a number of exercises based on the ideas and models in my ‘Future Work’ book.

As a visiting fellow at Henley Business School I'm often involved in running workshops and I know how difficult it is to find somebody with the right mix of knowledge, experience and ability to involve the participants. Finding somebody who is an expert in their field and can relate to practising managers is not easy. At least now in the field of new ways of working, you need to look no further.

Your organisation could be reaping the benefits of agile working right now. You could be helping your managers to seriously review the way they are managing their people. If you'd like to find out more then do get in touch and it will be great to discuss this area in more detail.