“Concise, punchy, practical”

Are you one of those busy managers who can’t afford to take whole day off to go to a conference about new ways of working? Or maybe, like me, you get frustrated when you go to events and you have to listen to several boring speakers to get to the one who has something useful to say. By taking part in one of my live webinars you get a session lasting no more than an hour and you can participate from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. You can ask questions and make comments during the session and I limit these to 25 participants so you will get individual attention if you raise an issue. I run one or two of these a month, but if you are not available at the time of broadcast it’s not a problem. You can still watch the recording and instead of the live question and answer session I run an email based alternative. So at a fraction of the cost of going to a conference and without wasting a day of your time, you can get the benefit of a focused session with me. Have a look now at the list of topics and dates and sign up for the next one.

These are some of the webinars I've run

Flexible Working

February 2015

Peter talks about the changing world of work and the predictions from a small survey carried out for the launch of the second edition of Future Work.  He introduces Amanda Seabrook who talks about the market for flexible workers and how employers can benefit from employing them.

Remote Working

January 2015

Peter introduces RIchard Breger to talk about the attributes for the effective remote worker. In the introduction he talks about productivity and culture change. Richard talks about his research into successful remote workers and the resulting seven key attributes.

The High Performance Organisation

December 2014

Peter introduces the topic of high performing organisations and how this relates to the future of work. He covers employee engagement and empowering people. Anne Marie McEwan then talks about high performance work systems and has ten themes she has identified from her research.

The Changing Workplace

May 2014

Peter introduces the subject of the changing world of work and the implications for the workplace. He then hands over to Philip Tidd of Gensler to talk about the evolution of the office and a view of the workplace of the future.

Future Work Part Two

March 2012

Peter follows on from the first webinar covering organisational cultures and the TRUST principles.  He then hands over to Alison Maitland who talks about some of the case studies in their book.

Future Work Part One

February 2012

Peter explains the drivers for change and how that is leading to new work patterns, new cultures and management challenges.