“Supportive, motivating, practical”

If you are a senior manager leading a changing organisation it can be a lonely job. I know, I’ve been there. If you are trying to update the culture and alter people’s attitudes and behaviors it a complex task. But this is what good leadership is all about; inspiring people to engage with the direction you are setting.

The days of the autocratic leader are over. As I point out in my book ‘Future Work’, today’s workforce expects to have autonomy over the way they work and to be involved in decisions. So, one way I can make this happen for you is to work with you to devise and implement a plan for the changing culture. I do this in the form of personal coaching or through workshops with senior teams.

Using my knowledge and experience I can help you to understand the changing world of work and the implications for your job. Working with you we can put together a plan to bring about change that will energise employees. I’m a great sounding board but willing to challenge you to think differently.