My aim as a speaker is to inspire my audiences to rethink their management culture and revitalise their workforce.

If you are looking for a leading expert on the future of work you have come to the right place. If you want a visionary speaker for an event, an advisor on new ways of working or a personal coach to help you adapt to a changing organizational culture, then I can meet your need.

I’ve spent the last 30 years studying the way that work is evolving and helping people to implement new work practices. I’m now more than ever convinced that we are in the middle of an Information Revolution that is as fundamental to us all as the Industrial Revolution was 200 years ago.

As you look through this website you will see that I speak on a variety of subjects and regularly run workshops and webinars to share my views with the world. If you have an interest in how we are likely to be working in five to ten years time then I can give you an expert view. If you are interested in the way leaders and managers will have to change as we evolve new organizational structures and cultures then we should talk.

I've also included many of my ideas in a couple of books. The most recent is "Conquering Digital Overload: leadership strategies that build engaging work cultures" where I have collected togerther the views of 16 experts from around the world. My previous book ‘Future Work’ is still selling well and has been used by many leaders to address cultural change.

To get an insight into my views do read the books, look at my blogs, attend one of my webinars or come to one of my workshops. You can have me along to your event as a speaker or use me to facilitate discussions amongst senior managers. When you meet me you will find me passionate about the future of work and determined to help you make your journey towards it.

If your organisation would like to keep up with the rapidly changing world of work then I’m sure I can help. Contact me on 078807 10026 or send me an email.